Public Notification and Comment Period

The White Mountain Apache Housing Authority (WMAHA) hereby notifies all interested parties, in accordance with 7 CFR 1944.674 and the Funding Opportunity: USDA-RD-HCFP-HPG-2017 – Rural Housing Preservation Grant, that the WMAHA intends to submit an application for the 2017 USDA RD Housing Preservation Grant (HPG).

“Statement of Activities” - If awarded, WMAHA intends to use these grant funds for the purpose of assisting with funding for the WMAHA Veterans Home Rehabilitation Program. The WMAHA Veterans Home Rehabilitation Program completes 2-4 home rehabilitations annually for the Native American very low income veterans who own homes and live on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation. Their homes must be in a very poor condition and require multiple health and safety or handicap accessibility repairs. These repairs will be completed on the homes of low income veterans who have applied through the WMAHA Veterans Home Rehabilitation Program, whose application has been approved and whose name is at the top of the waiting list for this program. The number of homes to be rehabilitated depends on the scope of work and the available funding.

This Notice and Statement of Activities for this grant are also posted and available for review by the public at the WMAHA office and at the White Mountain Apache Tribal Office. Public Comments regarding this grant will be accepted at the WMAHA Receptionist desk June 27, 2017 through July 17, 2017.If you have any questions, email Marvin Burnette @ or call 92-338-4831 ext. 117.

Public Notification and Comment Period