Housing Management
White Mountain Apache Housing Authority
Housing Management

Lukaya Williams, Housing Mgmt Manager
Lisa M. Perry, Assistant Housing Manager
Lorencita Cosay, Tax Credit Specialist V

Rechanda DeClay, Apache Dawn Counselor
Martina Goklish, Tax Credit Specialist II
Emmie Cromwell, HIP Coordinator/Counselor
Sherrilyn Tenijieth, Community Shield Administrator/Counselor
Ruby Kinney, Counselor
Sandra Bead, Counselor
Alicia Quintero, Counselor
Joyce Yazzie, Counselor
Lisa Hill, Apache Dawn Counselor
Nevalynn Burnette, Tax Credit Specialist I
Larissa Colelay, File Clerk

McNary Substation
Kaneshea Bourke, Tax Credit Specialist III
Lenifer James, Counselor

Cibecue Substation
Cathy Beach, Tax Credit Specialist IV

Wynette Smith, Counselor

On-Call Counselor (928) 521-1716

Please note all WMAHA phone calls are now taken at the following number: (928)338-4831.  The Cibecue line (332) and McNary (334) will be discontinued by June 30, 2017 but the FAX lines will remain as is.