Housing Management
White Mountain Apache Housing Authority
Housing Management

Lukaya Williams, Housing Mgmt Manager
Lisa M. Perry, Assistant Housing Manager
Lorencita Cosay, Tax Credit Specialist V

Rechanda DeClay, Tax Credit Specialist I
Martina Goklish, Tax Credit Specialist II
Emmie Cromwell, HIP Coordinator/Counselor
Sherrilyn Tenijieth, Community Shield Administrator/Counselor
Ruby Kinney, Counselor
Sandra Bead, Counselor
Alicia Quintero, Counselor
Joyce Yazzie, Counselor
Lisa Hill, Apache Dawn Counselor
Larissa Colelay, File Clerk

McNary Substation
Kaneshea Bourke, Tax Credit Specialist III
Lenifer James, Counselor

Cibecue Substation
Cathy Beach, Tax Credit Specialist IV

Wynette Smith, Counselor

On-Call Counselor (928) 521-1716

Please note all WMAHA phone calls are now taken at the following number: (928)338-4831.  The Cibecue line (332) and McNary (334) has discontinued on June 30, 2017 but the FAX lines will remain as is.