Apache Dawn Program
Achievable Dream in Homeownership through Indian Country – Mortgage Lending "Our Dream Home in reality"! Image Project Goals
  • 100% Occupancy in Apache Dawn homeownership Program
  • To assist and educate our families in re-establishing their derogatory credit.
  • Implement financial literacy & homebuyer education counseling for potential home buyers
  • Work closely with our tenants to be mortgage ready by the 10th year – To be successful homeowners!

Apache Dawn Program $25 Million Project
  • A success story throughout Indian Country in the housing industry:
  • Bond Financing
  • Section 184 Loan Program
  • Title 6 Program
  • NAHASDA (Native American Housing Assistance Self Determination Act
  • Bank One - Lender

Water Infrastructure Authority of Arizona (WIFA)
  • Housing Authority obtained two Loans totaling $5 million to finance the construction of water and wastewater infrastructure.
  • WIFA has served 317 units in our communities under the Apache Dawn Project. Total of 317 homes complete through Apache Dawn Program
  • Phase 1 – 52 units
  • Phase 2 – 31 units
  • Phase 3 – 45 units
  • Phase 4 – 100 units
  • Phase 5 – 71 units
  • Phase 6 – 18 units
         TOTAL : 317

Qualfication to become a homebuyer!
  • Income of at least $18,000.00 a year and cannot exceed 80% of the U.S. Median Income limits
  • Debt ratio of 50% or less
  • White Mountain Apache Tribal members have 1st preference.

Student Housing Requirements

  • Full-time Student at Northland Pioneer College at the Whiteriver Center
  • Maintain a 2.0 Grade Point Average
  • Age 18 and above
  • Eligible for Low Rent Program

Resident Opportunity Self Sufficiency Program (ROSS)
  • White Mountain Apache Housing Authority Receives $700,000.00 in Federal Grants to Develop Two New Resident Programs!
  • Apache Dawn Homebuyer Education Program
  • The new Apache Dawn Homebuyer Education Program funded by the second $350,000.00 grant has three major goals.
  • 1st – It seeks to prepare Apache Dawn residents to qualify for mortgage financing in order to become homeowners
  • 2nd – It aims to improve the quality of life and maintain the market values of homes in Apache Dawn subdivision by facilitating the organization of a Homeowner’s Association
  • 3rd – It attempts to empower residents to improve their financial standing and achieve homeownership soon through Individual Development Accounts and related financial education courses.
Neighborhood Watch ProgramImage
  • The Neighborhood Watch Program is one of the most effective ways for keeping crime out of our neighborhoods.
  • We are working to set up our NBW Program to be more effective on our reservation and for our tenants.
  • NBW is actively involved and working with other safety organizations on and off the reservation to be more effective.
  • NBW is planning a safety fair and women’s self defense class for our tenants.

Individual Development Account
  • Match Savings funds for program participants to save towards:
  • down payment on homeownership
  • Homeownership in Indian Country!